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Machine safety with Balluff quality

Automation requires safety. Safety based on reliability. Balluff quality guarantees you exceptional reliability: With a variety of solutions that make machines and equipment more reliable and therefore safer and more productive. Our safety technology combined with safe control technology enables innovative concepts for your machine safety — with consistently high quality sustained over time. The Balluff safety solution for automation includes a continually growing number of products and components that help minimize the danger for worker and machine. These components can easily be integrated into the control system.

Safe I/O modules


Safety over IO-Link – Safety has never been easier

Safety sensors and switches

Rugged interlock devices

Opto-electronic protective devices

For quick interaction between worker and machine

Safety guard locking devices

For safe personal and machine protection

Safety command devices

With a high degree of protection

Why is machine safety so important?

There’s really no debate: High efficiency and productivity of machines and equipment are important in industry. But protecting people, machines and the workplace is critical, and as sensor and automation specialists we must do more than strive to ensure that our sensors work properly. What’s crucial is that our industrial safety technology also meets strict regulations. Because wherever people come into direct contact with machines, the safety concepts must satisfy the highest requirements. Even if risks and errors can never be completely prevented, it is important to minimize them and develop an optimal safety concept. With Safety over IO-Link, Balluff offers an easy to integrate safety solution for your automation environment.


What does Safety over IO-Link mean?

Safety over IO-Link combines automation and safety into one efficient overall system. The foundation is the universal IO-Link interface: A safety protocol transmitted over a three-conductor cable to enable communication and information exchange between a safe I/O module and the IO-Link master. Safety over IO-Link is open at the sensor level. Both Balluff safety components and safety devices from other manufacturers can be connected to the PROFIsafe safety hub using standard M12 cables.


How safe is it?

In total, twelve safe inputs and two safe outputs are available on the safety hub. The module can power in- and outputs up to a total current of 8 A. The maximum response time is 20 milliseconds. The safety hub is a safe I/O module through which standard components such as simple binary sensors can also be bundled. The safety-related communication of the IO-Link master takes place via PROFIsafe for PROFINET. Safety-related information is sent directly through the master to the safety controller using a black-channel tunneling principle. Systems employing this configuration meet safety requirements up to PLe/SIL3.


What are the benefits of Safety over IO-Link?

Our Safety over IO-Link concept combines the proven advantages of IO-Link such as reliable, flexible information exchange, data transport across all levels, simple connection and a universal, standardized interface with safety-relevant communication over PROFIsafe for PROFINET.

Integrating safety technology has never been easier for you. The IO-Link master is simply connected to the safe I/O module, to which you can connect virtually any safety device. Parameters are set centrally from the controller. The parameter sets for the safety concept are simple to copy to other machines and the entire system. The system can also be quickly and simply adapted to changing requirements.

The solution for industrial safety technology simplifies system design and uses standard M12 cables to save time and money in wiring. Installation of the IP67 safety technology directly in the field and on machines saves space in the control cabinet and results in leaner system concepts.


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