05 Aug 2013
august 5, 2013

Connecting universal IO Link

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IO Link 1.1 offers unlimited possibilities

Universal IO Link connection – limitless possibilities

With the BNI IOL-771-000-K027 module, any electrical unit whatsoever – in other words any device – is open to IO Link with up to 16 inputs/outputs. That means that pumps, signal lamps, control desks, valve clusters, switchgear units, hand-over units, and many other devices can be connected to the control system level in the easiest way imaginable. A standard sensor lead is all that is required.

On one side, the module has a cable tail with 10 or 18 cores, depending on version, and on the other side, the fast IO Link connection via the standard sensor lead. So it easily satisfies the need for economical and versatile wiring. Because IO Link 1.1 is connected simply by a 4-core cable.

The absence of expensive multiple wiring not only enables lean wiring concepts but also saves space, time and money.

IO Link ensures constant diagnosis for short-circuits, line breaks and overload. And IO Link makes the module centrally configurable. The 16 channels of the universal IO Link connection are user-configurable via the control system as inputs or outputs. In addition, every input can be programmed as a make-switch or break-switch.

Benefits of IO Link 1.1

  • Compact adaptor casing for direct connection to various devices
  • Universal and independent of field bus thanks to IO Link
  • Connection to control system level via conventional sensor lead, reduces wiring work and costs
  • Versions with 8 or 16 input/output signals available
  • Every port user-configurable and usable as input or output
  • Inputs programmable as make-switches or break-switches
  • Max. load current per port 350 mA
  • Max. overall load current 1.2 A
  • With a single 1.1 IO Link master: full 1.1 functionality, e.g. data management and extended data frame

The module with 16 inputs/outputs is already available. The module with 8 inputs/outputs is now available.

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