20 Noi 2012
noiembrie 20, 2012

Ultrasonic sensors

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Universal use for distance measurement and position detection

Independent of color and surface finish
BUS ultrasonic sensors are perfect for distance measurement or position detection of granules, fluids and powders. They measure fill levels, heights and sag without making contact as well as count and monitor the presence of objects.

They are extremely versatile, operate independently of color and surface finish, and are not affected by transparent objects that generate strong reflections.

Ultrasonic sensors are precision all-rounders designed for critical situations. Dust, dirt and steam do not pose a problem.

Wide detection area – high precision
Their detection range extends from 20 mm to 8 m, meaning that even longer object distances can be handled without problem. Their high resolution and small blind zones ensure extreme precision. Ultrasonic sensors also provide excellent background suppression because their measuring principle is based on sound propagation times, not intensity. Integral synchronization means that the sensors do not interfere with one another.

Switching and analog variants
Our BUS ultrasonic sensors are different because of the output signal. Each series is available as a switching or analog version, whereby all analog versions can be supplied with an output voltage or current (0–10 V or 4–20 mA). The switching variants are suitable for all controllers.

Special feature: the BUS M30 includes variants with two switching outputs, one switching and one analog output or two switching outputs and one analog output so that the sensor can adopt the function of other sensors.

Easy to operate in different networks
Due to their operating voltage, BUS sensors are suitable for different voltage networks. Commissioning is quick and easy. Rectangular and angular heads allow for greater freedom of design.

Application example


BUS M30 with display. High degree of operating comfort, allows simple checks

  • five sensing ranges of 30 mm to 8 m
  • resolution 0.025 to 0.18 mm

The BUS M30 ultrasonic sensor in a metal housing has an intuitive display that enables easy operation. All measured values are displayed here during operation.

BUS 18M with IO-Link – also available in 90° angular head version. For quick, flexible installation

  • four sensing ranges of 20 mm to 1.3 m
  • resolution 0.069 up to 0.10 mm

The BUS 18M in a compact housing or with 90° angular head is extremely flexible to install. The 90° angular head can be integrated almost anywhere.

The IO-Link interface ensures easy installation, continuous diagnosis and central configuration on the controller.

BUS R06K in compact rectangular design. For restricted spaces, in high-speed applications

  • five sensing ranges of 20 mm to 1 m
  • resolution 0.08 mm

The small BUS R06K ultrasonic sensor in a rectangular housing (20 x 32 x 12 mm) is ideal for cramped spaces. Versions with a high switching frequency up to 125 Hz deliver reliable results in high-speed applications.

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