20 Feb 2014
februarie 20, 2014

Solutions for the packaging industry

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All areas of the packaging industry

For the entire packaging industry and their different areas of primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging, Balluff provides the right solutions: Sensors, systems, network and connection technology. For pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing, when producing foodstuffs, drinks and tobacco or in the beverage industry.

Primary packaging Secondary packaging End-of-line packaging
Forming Sorting Palletising
Filling Cartonising Strapping
Closing Film wrapping Closing

Flexibility and process reliability

Balluff products guarantee an extremely high standard of flexibility and immense process reliability. Fast, frequent format changes are easy to carry out.
Balluff technology fulfils strict official requirements, such as hygiene regulations. And it also expertly deals with high demands, even in sensitive areas: e.g. product protection, track-and-trace, access controls, etc.
The products are available worldwide and are internationally approved.

Increased efficiency, reduced costs
IO-Link saves both time and money when filling and packing

In systems that have been considerably expanded, such as in beverage filling, products with IO-Link are impressive. The universally usable, fieldbus-independent interface, IO-Link, transfers all sensor/actuator signals to the control system, which, in turn, forwards all the control data to the sensors and actuators. As a result, the IO-Link integrates all of the sensors into the fieldbus structure.

IO-Link sets up comprehensive and continuous diagnostics, along with automated parametrisation of IO-Link devices via the control system. IO-Link is easy to install. This is because an unshielded standard industry cable is sufficient.

Correctly filling pharmaceutical blister packaging – one sensor is sufficient for optimum quality

With pharmaceutical blister packaging, it depends on whether all of the pockets are correctly and completely filled. A BVS vision sensor allows you to reliably check this.

It therefore checks, in one step, presence, position and correct placement. This is because it takes on several monitoring functions at the same time.

The vision sensor adapts itself to your application. Even with changing workpieces, it reliably detects all parts. To do this, its tools are taught in for different inspection tasks. And they are also combined together in order to solve several tasks.

Another advantage: Changeovers are possible at all times – even during the process itself. Frequent format changes and different packaging units can be reliably managed with the vision sensor.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Extremely high level of system availability
  • Fast and reliable format and product changes
  • High level of flexibility, even for complex tasks
  • High level of efficiency throughout the entire packaging process
  • Optimum product lines
  • Productive process chains
  • Maximum quality

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