More than just a display of operating states

Broad spectrum of colours for all physical sizes

The first LED signal column with IO-Link interface uses its colour spectrum to signal operating states. Depending on their preference and requirements, the machine operator can precisely display machine states, from crucial through to critical. And read tendencies, developments and trends of physical sizes on the colour scale.
For example, on the SmartLight, temperature levels, fill levels of systems and also the position of a carriage can be visualised using a linear position measuring system.

Colours can be individually defined and users can be as flexible as possible

Using the SmartLight, all functions that could also be displayed with the previously available systems can be implemented. This means that, for example, the different colours can be displayed in different zones. For this, the signal light can be subdivided into up to five zones.
The colours and zones can be individually defined according to quantity, size and colour definition. And they can even be changed when the machine is operating „on the fly”. This is completely in contrast to the systems that were previously available on the market. This means that users can be completely flexible.

Easy handling

The broad colour spectrum is displayed by multi-coloured LEDs. For this, the column has up to 20 separately controlled LED circuits. The programming via SPS is carried out extremely simply through bit addressing of the IO-Link address area. With just a few commands, different colours can be assigned without having to mechanically change the LED columns.

The SmartLight has three central function modes for displaying different warning and information signals. These are controlled by the process data and the SPDU register.

  • Segment mode: Display of different colour signals in up to five different segments
  • Level mode: Colour progress indicator for displaying, for example, fill levels or temperature values
  • Running light mode: Automatic running light with freely adjustable foreground and background colour

Easy to install

Easy to connect and install. Only one four-wire sensor cable is required to screw it in. This means that maximum functionality has already been established.

IO-Link module SmartLight

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