30 Sep 2013
septembrie 30, 2013


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The BVS Universal: A New BVS models Combines BVS Advanced + BVS Ident in one sensor


  • Object detection tools like BVS Advanced;
  • Reads barcode, Datamatrix and OCV;
  • RS232 & Ethernet TCP/IP interface;
  • Inspection Results are output through the interface.

New, powerful tools:

  • 360° Contour Locator
  • Barcode & Datamatrix Code locator
  • Count contours and inspect contours

The BVS opens up a variety of applications in many industries.

Applications in keywords:

  • 360° position detection of parts;
  • Repositioning of parts;
  • Quality control of parts;
  • Completeness control // correct fit;
  • Counting parts, contacts, shapes;
  • Fast reading of barcode and data matrix code;
  • Positioning, width inspections of codes.


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