Simple to configure, time-saving to install and bring into operation




Contactless position measurement technology with IO-Link Micropulse PF IO-Link is an absolute and non-contact position measuring system that continuously provides measurements in μm on a 1 ms cycle. These measured values are directly transferred digitally via IO-Link.

IO-Link is a point-to-point connection within any network. An IO-Link system consists of an IO-Link device such as a sensor or actuator, an IO-Link master and the wiring. Master modules are available with all current field bus protocols. The Micropulse PF IO-Link device is coupled to the master via a maximum 20 m long standard sensor/actuator line. Micropulse PF IO-Link operates using COM3 communication speed (230 kB), which achieves a process data cycle of 1 ms with a 1.1 master.
The user interface can be mapped in the engineering system using an IODD (IO Device Description) via IO-Link. Due to the continuous flow of information, all data is centrally and consistently saved, so that a configuration is possible and reproducible at any time.


Your added value with the PF IO-Link profile
■■Simple to configure, quick to install and bring into operation
■■COM 3, 1 ms process data cycle possible, securely measure
quick movements
■■OTF, automatic configuration in running operation (on the fly)
■■Continuous monitoring and diagnostics
■■High transfer rate, quick process data cycle
■■Cost-effective to wire with standard M12 cable plug connector
■■Easy to integrate in the controller via standard IO-Link modules
or sensor hubs
■■For the heavy-duty industrial environment, use with IO-Link master
component groups in IP 67 from Balluff

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