Micro-optical sensors with unrivalled technical properties

MICROmote® optoelectronic sensors are notable for their micro-optical components: LED, photo-diode, photo-transistor, and laser-diode units
with unparalleled technical properties.

Overview of the features

  • Long ranges
  • Outstanding resolution
  • Sturdy thanks to the integrated metal housing
  • Highly flexible electrical cables for signal transmission
  • Easy to use via a separate amplifier

It is based on our principle of packing the maximum optical output into the smallest possible space. This is why we developed our own manufacturing technology, had it patented and created the prerequisite for users to solve a wide variety of applications even where space is at a premium.

Separate amplifier

The miniaturised optosensors are operated with a separate amplifier which can be fitted externally to the main event. Highly flexible electrical cables ensure that the sensor signals are transmitted between the sensor head and the amplifier.
A further benefit: The amplifier offers convenient display and operating elements.

Alternative to fibre-optics

Where highly flexible, purely electrical sensor cables are required, MICROmote® optoelectronic sensors represent a technical alternative to fibre-optics.

Wide range of standard products

The optoelectronic sensor heads have unusually compact dimensions, outstanding technical parameters, and excellent flexibility. With our modular system, a wide range of versatile standard products is available in very compact sizes with a wide variety of unique selling points.


MICROmote® sensors are particularly suitable for installation in moving machine parts and robot grippers. Compact dimensions offer the perfect solution when there is very little installation space.

Further areas of application

  • Detecting the position of small components
  • Detecting and counting objects
  • Fluid level detection of foaming fluids
  • Volume measurement and detection of microbubbles
  • High vacuum applications

Object detection – optoelectronic sensors of outstanding precision (.pdf file)

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