01 Apr 2014
aprilie 1, 2014

New fieldbus modules with IO-Link

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Balluff offers a whole range of high-performance network technology products so that you can choose the best network components for your needs, leaving nothing to be desired outside of the switching cabinet. Regardless of the manufacturer of the controller, the matching components can be easily assembled.

Full IO-Link functionality

The new DeviceNet and EtherCAT modules with IO-Link maintain optimal operation. This is because all the benefits of the high-performance communication standard are effective right down to the lowest level. This not only ensures freedom of installation, but also guarantees simplified wiring, integrated diagnostics and central configuration. System failures can be reliably prevented and systems started up again quickly if the worst comes to the worst. Users save time, reduce costs and incorporate intelligent connection technology to improve process quality.

DeviceNet masters with four IO-Link ports and display

DeviceNet masters have four IO-Link master ports that are parametrised and used entirely independently of each other. As a result, there are four additional, freely configurable standard I/O ports that provide an additional eight inputs/outputs for standard sensors and actuators.

Balluff DeviceNet modules have a display for a high level of user-friendliness. Station numbers can be set here and module functions, such as hardware and software status, can be called up. This increases security and simplifies maintenance.

EtherCAT module with eight IO-Link ports, integrated display and web server

The eight IO-Link ports of the new EtherCAT module can also be parametrised and used fully independently of each other. These ports can also be freely configured as standard I/O ports and therefore provide an additional eight inputs/outputs for standard sensors and actuators.

Like all Ethernet-based modules from Balluff, the EtherCAT module also provides an integrated web server and an integrated display for fast diagnostics without any additional hardware or software. Simply start Internet Explorer and launch the website. The module state is immediately displayed.

Even simpler than the classic fieldbus

  • Automatic address assignment
  • Without network tuning
  • Built-in diagnostics with fault localisation
  • No switch configuration and no complex handling of MAC or IP addresses

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