20 Oct 2012
octombrie 20, 2012

mini.s – powerful, compact mini sensors

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Small housing, low weight and maximum switching precision? Balluff mini sensors satisfy all of these industrial automation requirements. Compact designs and impressive power ensure outstanding freedom of design and open up a whole new range of applications. Users benefit from a high degree of flexibility as a result.

Balluff miniature sensors are available in all operating principles:
as inductive, photoelectric, magnetic, capacitive and ultrasonic sensors. Balluff offers inductive couplers, fieldbus modules and RFID in miniature dimensions – powerful and compact for every sensor technology.

Compacts designs – new
Magnetic mini sensor BMF 243 – inserted in C grooves from above
Only 24 mm long and suitable for short stroke cylinders, the sensor can be inserted in C grooves from above. The sensor can also be mounted to cylinders with an existing slot that is no longer accessible or in cases where dirt and weld spatter prevent insertion of the sensor in the groove.

The compact housing of the magnetic mini sensor is installed flush and provides a solution for particularly compact applications. An integral metal fastening element retains the sensor particularly securely in each C groove.

The BMF 243 is supplied with a cable clip that provides strain relief and routes the cable safely.

Application example

Inductive SuperShorty M12
The shortest inductive M12 product on the market allows position queries in applications where space for a sensor was previously unavailable.

The SuperShorty with maximum power density is available in two versions: the 12 mm version can be installed flush and offers a switching distance of 4 mm. The 17 mm version is installed non-flush and has a switching distance of 6 mm.

Cable variants with M12 connectors are available.

Application example

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