Absolute measurement system for short-stroke movements

Inaccuracy and tolerance shifts have a negative effect on production quality. The answer is direct measuring systems. They detect the current position directly on the carriage or the load support.
The new magnetic travel and angular position encoder BML-S1H is an absolute measurement system for short-stroke movements. It is a high-precision, absolute sensor for highly dynamic applications. It operates without contact and is non-wearing. It is also unaffected by external factors such as dirt and temperature.

Common applications

  • Linear guides
  • Pick-and-place in robotics
  • Drive unit feedback
  • Vibration welding

All benefits at a glance

  • Absolute sensing system for short-stroke movements
  • High system accuracy and resolution
  • Can be mounted parallel or perpendicular to measurement base
  • Ultra-compact design in tough metal casing

Application example


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