The magnetically coded position and angle measurement systems BML excel in fast applications where accuracy is paramount. They:

  • Monitor the slide position in linear drives
  • Position processing units such as laser or water jet cutters
  • Check the speed and position of rotary drives

They are perfect as feedback systems in electric drive shafts, providing position information within microseconds.

The most important features at a glance

Industrial-grade – for harsh environments
The wear-free systems are recommended for extreme conditions. They are impact and vibration-resistant, withstand contamination and are tolerant of electrical interference.

Longer runtimes

Using the systems long-term stable tape reduces downtimes and service calls. Expensive, speed-limiting encapsulations that require extensive service are no longer necessary.

Absolute, incremental and real-time-capable

Magnetically coded position and angle measurement systems BML (absolute or incremental output signal) provide the necessary perfection for position and angle measurement tasks or dynamic, accurate detection of speed and RPM. The real-time-capable systems supporting a high number of operating cycles.

High-resolution, very precise and extremely fast

The contact-free, robust and contamination-resistant measurement systems have high resolution, excellent precision and are extremely fast. The absolute measuring versions allow travel speeds up to 10 m/s and the incremental systems allow speeds up to 20 m/s.

Long-term stability using the Permagnet® procedure

Highest precision is based on the Permagnet® procedure developed by Balluff. The accuracy and long-term stability of tape coded using this technology being unmatched.

Linear and rotary

Magnetic tape systems consist of a sensor head, a tape for linear or rotary use and accessories.


Versions for long measurement sections and mini-designs enable flexible use of the systems. Extremely small dimensions with small sensor heads unmatched by the competition can be integrated perfectly into tight installation conditions. Extensive design freedom with tape available in lengths up to 48 m.

Customised solutions

Benefit from optimum results with fabricated and customised solutions with magnetic coding individualised to match your requirements.

Example applications

The applications shown in the overview can be found in the brochure. Find out more about

  • Accurate cuts in the cut centre
  • First-class quality when printing, milling or engraving
  • Correct positioning and precise tool guiding in the drilling and milling centre
  • Accurate position feedback when bending and punching
  • The highest control dynamics in pick and place machines and at the transfer line
  • Precision for the rotary transfer centre

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