Balluff is the heartbeat of Industry 4.0

The availability of all relevant information in real time, as well as the ability to derive optimal value-added, forms the basis of Industry 4.0. This can only be achieved with the networking of all participating devices.

Balluff sensor technology and identification systems collect the relevant data and ensure seamless communication in superior systems such as control systems or clouds. Digitaliszation is not possible without this technology.


Heartbeat of Industry 4.0

Our core competence 4.0 – what we can do for you
We are fully dedicated to the development and manufacture of sensors, identification systems and industry solutions for all areas of industrial automation. We already possess the necessary technologies for the implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions.

The core competence of Balluff thus lies in sensor technology, identification systems and industry solutions with interfaces for intelligent communication – a requirement for modern, flexible production.

Balluff 4.0 Solutions
Our solution and product portfolio:

  • Linear position measurement
  • Object detection
  • Industrial identification
  • Industrial networking

We are Industry 4.0 – Sample applications


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