Profinet and Ethernet/IP modules with eight IO link ports

Previously, at least nine field bus modules had to be used in order to be able to switch on 136 inputs/outputs. Today, one single Profinet/Ethernet/IP module can do the same job.

Balluff IO link solutions save you cash

In conjunction with the most cost-effective sensor/actuator hubs from Balluff, up to 136 input/output signals can now be processed extremely efficiently. Compared with the standard field bus modules, this results in a cost saving of 15 to 20 % per input. If the savings made on field bus and power cables are taken into account, savings could then add up to 30 to 40 %.

One cost-effective M12 standard BCC cable is sufficient to switch on a sensor/actuator hub. The only other thing you need is a bus address for up to eight sensor hubs in order to be able to receive variable sensor signals within a range of 20 m. This will ensure a high level of efficiency.

136 inputs/outputs on one module

1000 tasks – one module

Thanks to an IO link, the Profinet/Ethernet/IP modules are suitable for any task: Distance measurement, object recognition, identification, fluid sensor technology or temperature and pressure measurement.

An IO link provides benefits for installation, not simply for standard sensor systems, but also for intelligent devices, because these can be integrated via the same interface. This means that the module provides a standardised interface, from signal to control level.

High costs are often incurred when installing intelligent devices in the field, since shielded cables and intelligent interface cards such as analogue cards are used in the control systems. An IO link not only renders fault-prone analogue inputs superfluous, but reduces the expense involved in wiring, testing and hardware, because using simple, unshielded, cost-effective plug-and-play M12 lines means that the system is put into operation quickly and safely.

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