High-precision for long measuring sections

The absolutely coded BML-S1G position measuring system provides high resolutions of 1, 2, 5 or 10 µm for long measuring lengths of up to 48 m. And a housing in a compact size.

EMC – reliable operation

The robust, metal housing encased in stainless steel at the bottom protects against electromagnetic influences. It also allows for reliable operation even in heavily contaminated environments.

Easy assembly and installation

Through absolute coding, the position value is immediately available after switching it on. The installation tolerances and the LED feedback make the set-up and assembly extremely easy.

Diagnostics function

The diagnostics function enables faults to be detected quickly and ensures that downtimes are short during set-up and when faults occur.

The benefits to you

  • Absolute measuring system for long lengths of up to 48 m
  • Easy installation thanks to multicoloured LED and large installation tolerance
  • Comes with BISS-C or SSI interface
  • High system accuracy and resolution
  • Robust metal housing with stainless-steel bottom

Typical applications

Position feedback for the moving linear axes.
Cutting contours on the water jet cutter are reliably positioned on all axes even for long lengths.
Boreholes and cuts are precisely set in machining centres for wood or aluminium.

Application example

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